About IGR

Who or What is IGR?

Established May 2008, Indie Game Reviewer (IGR) is a truly independent opinion site that offers tips on getting into the world of independent game development, exclusive interviews with video game developers, designers, composers and artists, insider previews, reviews of the latest and greatest independent video games and a lot more.

The site, now almost in its 10th year, features 14 writers from 5 different countries, including Canada, US, UK, Australia and Norway.

Without any corporate agenda looming over its shoulder, IGR is a collective of independent gamers and developers – or in other words – just people who love games and writing about them, getting to know the international game community at every level and working hard to discover, play, explore and report with unbiased opinion on one of the fastest growing sectors of the entertainment industry, to draw attention to the developers and their ideas, and to help the end user decide where and when to spend their hard-earned money.